How do I order a photo?
All pictures that are online in the shop can be ordered straight away. Just click on the requested photo and then on "buy/license image". In the following window you have to change the quantity to "1“ to add your picture to the shopping cart. You can add more pictures or go ahead to the check out.

Can I register for later orders?
Yes, you can create a user account at "Login" --> "request password".

How do I get sample photos if they are not available in the shop?
A list of all shows covered by Art & Light Photography from 2009-2015 can be found in the category „Infoseiten". All sample pictures of the listed shows can be requested by us. Please provide us with the following data, if available:
year - show - backnumber - horsename - class
For providing the sample images, a processing fee of €10 is due, which will be credited in full when an order is placed.

What is the price of a photo as a high-resolution file?
Show photos costs 28€/file
Backdrop photos costs 45€/file

Will the pictures be edited?
All pictures in the shop are "out of cam" which means unedited. As soon as you order a picture, it will be edited as needed. This means that it can still be cropped a little bit and minor exposure corrections are made. Nothing will be retouched.

Can I get retouched photos?
Yes. The price for retouching is calculated on a time and effort basis. Please send me an email with your retouching request and I will make you an offer.

Do I always have to pay in advance?
Yes. Only paid orders will be processed and shipped.

Can I get a separate invoice?
If you need a separate invoice, just let me know and I will send you your invoice.

Can I get an invoice with VAT shown on it?
No. According to § 19 UStG, no sales tax is charged.