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Art & Light Photography

Here you will find all show pictures since 2016.

Are you looking for older show photos of your horse?
A list of all shows covered by Art & Light Photography from 2009-2015 can be found in the category „show pictures".

The photos in the shop are only sample pictures and are therefore reduced in size and quality. Ordered photos will of course be delivered as printable files.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email or phone.


Important Informations
By law, copyright belongs to Art & Light Photography. NO form of reproduction, including downloading or screenshots of our fotos is authorized (e.g. publication on your own website, on facebook or advertising) 
It doesn’t matter if its a private or commercial site.
We will charge EUR 100.- for every stolen picture!
Every photo purchased as a digital file includes non-exclusive right of use  and you may use the image for advertising your horse, farm or training operation, however, you do NOT have the right to give our images to a third party to advertise products, such as feed, tack or insurance or for inclusion in a product such as calendars, clocks, art work etc. Images for commercial use must come from us and a usage fee will be charged.